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The Fondation Père Yvon Joseph and Nina Joseph was founded in 2020 by the immediate members of the Joseph Family with the mission of providing yearly grant scholarships to students attending different universities (at least 3 students) in Port-au-Prince and Cap-Haïtian, and to students attending the Computer Technology Program, (at least 2 students), at College Notre Dame du Perpetuel Secours, Cap- Haïtian; and pay yearly tuition for a maximum of 10 students attending the elementary and the secondary school at same College Notre Dame, and 5 other students attending different religious and/or private elementary and secondary schools in Cap-Haïtian, Haïti.

Our approach is rooted in the understanding that real change takes time, effort, and collective action. We work closely with our communities, leveraging local knowledge, expertise, and cultural insights to ensure that our efforts are sustainable and culturally relevant. By engaging the entire community, we build a strong network of support that amplifies our impact and generates positive momentum for long-lasting change. Key elements of our mission include:

Access to Quality Education: We believe that education is a fundamental right of every child. Our organization aims to remove barriers to education by providing necessary school supplies and funding, ensuring that children in Haiti have access to quality learning opportunities.

Bridging the Educational Gap: Haiti faces significant educational challenges, with many children lacking access to basic school supplies and adequate resources. We are committed to bridging this gap by equipping schools and students with the necessary tools, materials, and financial support they need to thrive academically.

Empowering the Youth: We recognize the potential and talent within every child in Haiti. By providing them with the essential tools for learning, we empower them to develop their skills, unleash their creativity, and cultivate a lifelong love for education. Through our initiatives, we strive to create a generation of knowledgeable and empowered individuals who can contribute to the growth and development of their communities.

Sustainable Impact: Our organization is dedicated to creating sustainable change in Haiti's educational landscape. We work closely with local communities, schools, and stakeholders to ensure our efforts have a lasting impact. By building strong partnerships and implementing effective programs, we aim to create a positive ripple effect that extends far beyond the immediate support we provide.


Transparency and Accountability: We maintain the highest standards of transparency and accountability in all our operations. We value the trust and support of our donors, partners, and the community, and we are committed to utilizing resources efficiently and effectively to maximize our impact. We regularly evaluate and report on our programs' outcomes to ensure transparency and inspire confidence in our supporters.

Through our unwavering dedication and collaborative approach, we envision a future where every child in Haiti has equal opportunities to receive a quality education, paving the way for a brighter and more prosperous nation.

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